Real data is hard to ignore

Skyradr produces daily , weekly , monthly reports of low flying aircraft in your area, along with actual sound decibel, flight path, insights and trends that you can share with your local city and airport.

How can Skyradr help?

We believe in that data speaks for itself, provides a comprehensive view of issues faced by people impacted by aircraft noise.

Quantify the impact

Go from complaint mode ("its very noisy") to irrefutable evidence with actual noise measurements (decibels) that pin point the exact aircraft that caused it.

Capture actual flight path

Strengthen your case with actual flight path and other aircraft statistics and details.

Daily reports

Skyradr works 24/7 and captures every aircraft that flies overhead, along with its noise level (decibels), picture of its flight path, and other aircraft information.

Insights and Trends

Identify patterns and report top noise makers, with the help of insights surfaced from our reports.

Live examples

Don't just take our word for it – look at the reports out of our first (BETA) deployment in a residential community near Livermore Airport, CA , impacted by small aircraft noise.

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